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Ask our clients -- we have built this company by creating online solutions for client needs and concerns. There are many questions about how to best manage performance appraisals, and how to make them a positive experience instead of an annual ordeal.

We believe that feedback given througout the year, evaluation of results, and a focus of the annual meeting on looking ahead and personal development, makes an annual "sit-down" an opportunity for both employee and manager to focus on what is important. Maybe we should call it the annual "retention and development" meeting.

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Who we are

We believe that, in this crazy creative business world, manager-employee relationships are the X factors. Great relationships nuture creativity, inspiration, learning, and hard work. We believe that we can help by guiding managers and employees with clean, clear direction and content that is positive, practical and timely.

We believe that Daniel Pink's three essential elements, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose, are the drivers for great performance. We have developed our goal management, development plan and goal alignment software to make it easier to manage and self-manage for those elements.

To shape our company, we are recruiting people who are excited by our mission to help our clients build creative, rewarding cultures within their organizations.

To shape our software, we look ahead at the evolving workplace and constantly talk with our clients about what works for them.

We invite you to join us in this exciting process!

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We are actively looking for content partners for training, performance management consultant partners, and virtual employees/contractors who believe that the key to their own success and professional fulfillment is to help others be successful. If you'd like to learn more, click here to email Cynthia Worden Lee, Performance.net's president.

We began as VentureSkills, Inc. in January 2000 as an online training development company, but within a couple of years our clients had us creating performance management software. After creating custom software for 8 years, we took our best pieces and put them online at Performance.net. Our securely hosted solution helps companies start up quickly, and provides a cheerful, responsive support network for Administrators and Users.

Performance.net is located just outside of Syracuse, NY in Camillus, NY.

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