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Fast and Easy Setup

Attach your appraisal using the form below, or email us at for more information.

We'll contact you to set up a 45 minute - 1 hour demo of your appraisal online.

We'll help you add your employees, including to whom they report. Managers will have a list of the people who report to them as they log in. Deadlines can be announced and reminder emails can be automatically sent to users who haven't completed a task.

If you'd also like Just-in-Time slideshows, we'll send you a PowerPoint with screen shots and suggested content. A few quick edits will make it your own, and we'll add the slides to the appropriate pages.

Announce the new online process. You can set it up so that when users ciick the "help" link they get our Help Desk. And of course we are always availabile to you by phone and email.


Send Us Your Performance Appraisal and *Poof!* We'll Demo It Online.

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