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"Traditional" appraisals are dreaded by managers, employees and often most of all by HR administrators, and are becoming a thing of the past. It's time for consistent feedback throughout the year and more emphasis on development.

We think that regular annual or semi-annual meetings between employee and manager are essential opportunities for in-depth focus on the employee's plans and professional growth. Time flies, and unless there is something scheduled, those meetings can be lost in the fog of everyday priorities.

What we've never believed in, and what has been abandoned by Accenture and other respected companies, is forced ranking. That practice, in which employees are ranked against each other, has proven to be destructive to morale for employees and managers alike.

We believe that the regular meetings are best used to look to the future. Our favorite model supports rating the results of goals, creating new goals, and using competencies as resources to develop needed skills for attaining new and continuing goals.

Often our clients do not abandon ratings altogether -- the ratings still support pay for performance and provide information for succession planning. Our clients tend to put their current appraisals online, and then evolve towards a model that is focused on rating results and developing employees for the future.

Performance management is most effective when there is ongoing feedback, and has tools for journaling and kudos. Kudos can be created by and for any employee in the company. They are emails which can be cc'd to any number of employees and are stored as part of the recipient's and sender's history.

In a nutshell, managers and employees should make it a habit to provide ongoing feedback to peers, management and team members. In managers and employees can add specific goal feedback with goal updates, and send kudos, even broadcasting them company-wide if they like. When a company combines ongoing feedback with development meetings, they have a great infrastructure for the essential communication that needs to happen for every employee.

If you would like to discuss this further, plesae call our President, Cynthia Worden Lee, at 315-673-9668 or email her at 315-673-9668. And thank you for asking!

We believe in clean, clear navigation and tools that make it easy for users to find their way.

"Simplify, Simplify" -- Henry David Thoreau

"Simplify" -- Apple screenshots are available by clicking on this link for a pdf with screen shots. Please let us know what other information we can provide.

There are 2 big hassles (and barriers) to getting performance appraisals online.

Hassle 1: The time it takes to locate and evaluate vendors, and create the content for online performance appraisals.

We have learned from our clients that the more we could do for them, the better. We now have a laser focus on making easy to implement and use. We can put a company's performance appraisals online within a few business days, and we do it for free. Voila -- setup is done! There's no time to wonder if promises made will be kept -- promises are kept before our clients even pay their license fees.

Hassle 2: The time it takes to communicate to, train and support the users. Resistance to change is the biggest challenge.

We've added several tools (navigation maps, drop-down comments, slide shows, etc.) that make it easy for users to find and complete their tasks. We also provide direct, real-human-being support to users so that our clients don't need to have time to help them. Our clients can turn their users loose knowing that support is always available.

  • Personal, human support for Admins and Users.

    We train our Help Desk personnel to listen carefully and address immediate needs as well as issues. For example, someone whose browser isn't printing a PDF will receive the needed PDF by email as well as coaching on settings.

  • More simplicity.

    Simplicity of startup and administration. An uncluttered user-friendly interface. Only the information that is needed.

  • Happy users.

    What keeps you awake at night? Wondering if everyone in the company will hate your performance management implementation? Our clean design, process maps and user support help users get in, get done and get out.

  • Just-in-Time learning and coaching.

    From the custom slide shows to the performance appraisal meeting planner tailored to the rating, your users get what they need at the right time. Results: great conversations, happy users.

  • Goal Align.

    This amazingly simple step makes every competency and goal relevant to your company's strategic goals.

  • Our 4-step Implementation Process.

    Easy is as easy does -- email us your appraisals to see it for yourself.

  • Our Focus.

    It's on making performance management easy for our HR clients *and* for their users. We built our business by caring about our clients.

We've found that the best way to help busy employees and managers is to have answers at hand as questions come up. We have incorporated two key tools into


1. Built-in Custom Slide shows


Our clients can add a slide show to any page. We collaborate on slides in PowerPoint, and can get them up and running in minutes. Our clients can have a required slide show that automatically starts the first time a manager starts an employee appraisal. They can also have a reference slide show on a particular page that answers questions that could come up on that page.


Since the references are built into the pages they pertain to, the user can pop up the information "just in time" -- when they need an answer. We also look for user feedback, and if there are other questions that need to be answered, the slide show can be easily updated.


2. Performance Appraisal Coaching Page


The "Just-in-Time" moment for a Performance Appraisal meeting is the moment that the manager prints out the appraisal. Our clients have the option to add a top page to the appraisal with meeting planning tools. This can include specific coaching tips for the rating that the employee is receiving. For example, the coaching page for a manager who has rated an employee as "Leading" can remind the manager of questions that can be asked supporting retention and development of the outstanding performer.

Goal Align is the breakthrough step that aligns performance with corporate strategic goals. Traditionally, performance appraisals and goal setting are done by managers and employees who don't know their company's strategic goals. Goal Align provides a drop-down menu of your company's strategic goals to associate with the competencies your employees are reviewing and the goals they are setting.

If you choose to use Goal Align, your first step is to develop with your senior management a set of high level corporate strategic goals. For example, "Maintain a talented, committed, strategically staffed work force." or "Increase our sales from current clients 20%". The corporate goals appear in a drop-down menuat the top of every goal creation page. Users choose a corporate goal, then set a goal.

To see a screen shot of how this works, click to go to the Goal Align page.

There is no startup fee, and very competitive annual licenses per user depending on your number of employees. You also get 5 free hours of technical and direct user support along with the 10-hour package. For more on pricing contact us now!

Call us at 877-550-0220, or email us. We can start your own free fully working site which you can show to others in your company. If you decide to use, your content is ready to go.

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